The Sentamu Academy Learning Trust

The Sentamu Academy Learning Trust (SALT) was created in February 2015 and comprises 1 Secondary Academy, 2 Alternative Provision Academies (Year 6 – Year 11) and 2 Primary Academies; all of our academies are within the boundary of Hull.

SALT’s prime aim is to ensure that all pupils in its academies receive an outstanding education, that they might experience life in all its fullness. It will have a particular focus for serving those pupils who are most at risk of long-term social exclusion.

Our aims also include bringing the highest standards of education to the young people in our local area. Following the principle of “Starting with the end in sight”, we want to inspire our young people from Early Years through to Post-16 with a vision for how they can become extraordinary citizens – ambitious for themselves, their families and their community, committed to serving others, and fully equipped to carry on learning throughout their lives.


Helen Winn
Interim CEO – Sentamu Academy Learning Trust

I particularly enjoy RE as I like learning more about God and Jesus, there is more and more to learn every day.

Matilda, Year 6

My favourite subject is maths because it is fun as well as challenging!

Lily-Grace, Year 6

I love the exciting trips that we go on, they make me think about the future and my future career.

Olivia, Year 6

I learn something new every day, then I like to go home and do more research, particularly about out topic.

Cailen, Year 5

The books we read in school have inspired me to read more at home; I really enjoy reading every day.

Jack, Year 5

St James is like one big family, we look after each other and I feel safe here.

Millie, Year 5