Local Governing Committee

The Sentamu Academy Learning Trust (SALT) is a Company limited by guarantee and a Charitable Trust.

Responsibility for the academies that make up the Trust and for the funds granted by the Parliament for providing education in those academies is entrusted to the Board of Trustees.

The detail of the Members of the Company and of the Board of Trustees can be found at http://www.salt.sentamu.com/accountability-and-governance

St James’ CE Academy has its own Local Governing Committee (LGC). The details of the committee members are shown below along with the Trust’s Governing Structure;

Further information:

  • Paper copies are available upon request from the school office.

I particularly enjoy RE as I like learning more about God and Jesus, there is more and more to learn every day.

Matilda, Year 6

My favourite subject is maths because it is fun as well as challenging!

Lily-Grace, Year 6

I love the exciting trips that we go on, they make me think about the future and my future career.

Olivia, Year 6

I learn something new every day, then I like to go home and do more research, particularly about out topic.

Cailen, Year 5

The books we read in school have inspired me to read more at home; I really enjoy reading every day.

Jack, Year 5

St James is like one big family, we look after each other and I feel safe here.

Millie, Year 5