The School Day

  • 7.45 am  –  Breakfast Club starts

  • 8.40 am  –  Breakfast Club finishes

  • 8.45 am  –  8.55 am  –  Registration and registration activities

  • 8.55 am  –  10.30 am  –  Lesson 1

  • 10.30 am  –  10.45 am  –  Whole school collective worship

  • 10.45 am  –  11.00 am  –  Playtime

  • 11.00 am  –  12.15  –  Lesson 2

  • 12.05 pm  –  1.05 pm  –  FS1 Lunchtime

  • 12.15 pm  –  1.15 pm  –  Y1 to Y6 Lunchtime

  • 1.15 pm  –  2.15 pm  –  Lesson 3

  • 2.15 pm  –  3.15 pm  –  Lesson 4

  • 2.00 pm  –  2.15 pm  –  KS1 Playtime

The school nursery sessions:

8.45 am  –  11.45 am  –  Morning nursery session times
12.15 pm  –  3.15 pm  –  Afternoon nursery session times

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is here for your child to start the day well in school with their friends.

It allows the children to have good food and at the same time settle into the school environment so that they are ready for the school day.

We have lots of children turn up for our breakfast club. It is a happy time for our children and they enjoy the freedom and fun that the club provides.


At St James’ CE Academy we aim for all of our pupils to arrive on time and attend school every day. We work in partnership with pupils, parents and our Education Welfare Officer to ensure that attendance remains above the national average.

I particularly enjoy RE as I like learning more about God and Jesus, there is more and more to learn every day.

Matilda, Year 6

My favourite subject is maths because it is fun as well as challenging!

Lily-Grace, Year 6

I love the exciting trips that we go on, they make me think about the future and my future career.

Olivia, Year 6

I learn something new every day, then I like to go home and do more research, particularly about out topic.

Cailen, Year 5

The books we read in school have inspired me to read more at home; I really enjoy reading every day.

Jack, Year 5

St James is like one big family, we look after each other and I feel safe here.

Millie, Year 5